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BlockGPT is a powerful AI trained on the blockchain, for blockchain users.

By using the latest advancements in AI,
we are able to provide a powerful tool for crypto integrators and users alike.

Proudly built with state of the art technology

Fully featured for your journey into Crypto.

All your research needs are just one prompt away


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I could spend all day long explaining it
But you really have to try it yourself
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Our team is hard at work building the future of collaboration.

  • BlockGPT Ultra
    The latest base model of BlockGPT – featuring improved context length, blazing fast response times, data accuracy and online by default.

  • Telegram Bot
    Bring the power of BlockGPT always with you by using its Telegram Bot, Chat with it directly in a conversational way – Execute swaps directly with it

  • Improved BlockGPT Calls
    Brings BlockGPT Ultra to the next level – Read, score and analyze hundreds of KOLs and influencers, make investment choices and recommendations autonomously

  • Assistants
    Want your own BlockGPT spin-off? Create your own custom assistant, train it upon your knowledge base — Feed it with your data and behaviour.

  • sBGPT
    Yes, you've heard it right — Revenues from premium services will be redistributed to BGPT stakers, providing simple to use and sustainable yield for our users.

  • Advanced Audits
    Audit, Formal verification, fuzz testing, vulnerability assessment – performed directly on your repository or just by providing contract address.


Easy to understand — Fully Transparent, as Us.


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