1. Blockchain & Crypto AI AgentBeta

    Helping Web3 users, developers, and businesses by providing them with information about Blockchain Technology, Crypto topics, Smart-Contracts and how to write them, how to code a trading bot, summarize the latest crypto news.
    Expert Solidity and Blockchain developer, and can provide technical analysis and crypto trading insights.

  2. Telegram Bot

    Add our Chat Bot to your Telegram group and get instant access to the latest crypto news, price alerts, and more.

  3. Twitter Bot

    Tag our Twitter Bot in your tweets and get instant answer to your questions about Crypto topics, Smart-Contracts

  4. AI Smart Contract Auditor

    Our AI Smart Contract Auditor will be able to audit your Smart Contract and give you a detailed report about the security of your Smart Contract.
    Spend less time on auditing your codebase and more time on developing your Smart Contract.

  5. AI Trading Bot

    Our AI Trading Bot will be able to trade for you on the most popular decentralized exchanges.
    Spend less time on trading and more time on developing your strategy.

Premium new services and features will be available for purchase with $BGPT Token Address: 0x089729b0786C8803cff972c16e402f3344d079eA

$BGPT Tokenomics

  • 10% CEX Listings
  • 10% Team & Partnerships
  • 15% Seed Investors
  • 65% Liquidity
  • 3% Buy tax
  • 3% Sell tax

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